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  • Community-Driven Marketplaces

Community-Driven Marketplaces

Can we create communities that enable people to accomplish meaningful things like find love, discover a song that moves them, share their knowledge, help them sell their photos and locate a new fishing hole via the two-way marketplace (matching, exchanges or crowdsourcing) model? Can we do this in a sustainable, profitable and proliferating manner?

  • Evolving Transaction Intent

Evolving Transaction Intent

There is an opportunity to significantly improve typical media model returns by capturing purchase intent, meshing product discovery and by evolving user purchase intent through thoughtful intertwining of social and/or utility use cases.

  • The Honey Pot

The Honey Pot

eBook on content marketing with an app/software-centric view. Pay particular attention to the sections "A Shift in Creating Value" and "Brand Promise and User Experience". You can download the PDF version of the book here for free.


Dan Kurani has spent the last 15 years in the digital space building products, assembling design/development teams, advising startups, and helping brands that include Nike, Universal Studios, the NBA, and many others

  • Consulted or advised over 2,000 startups, SMBs, and Fortune 500s, building dozens of original user experiences that have generated scalable digital revenues or increased margins for both traditional and stand-alone digital companies in highly competitive markets
  • Published author/speaker; featured or quoted in Fast Company, Forbes, CNN, TechCrunch, GigaOm, VentureBeat, AdAge, and many other esteemed publications
  • Over two dozen awards including a Davey, FWA, and a Webby for product development, strategy, creative, and ROI



Digital Strategy, Property Development and Ongoing Product Management

Hands-on experience managing 100+ product cycles end-to-end from strategy through build, optimization, and scale

Strategy - Can see the full picture (digital/device ecosystem, consumer mindset, competition, etc.), where the pieces are moving and how assets can be leveraged in a build, buy or improve scenario

Execution - Team building/buy-in and design of user experiences that connect with users and delivers on business goals

Metrics, Optimization, and ongoing Management - Brand-aligned and goal driven KPIs, clear LTV/CPA formulas and deep knowledge of ad-tech for scale and a process for continual improvements

Kurani helps…


Companies that want to increase revenue and margins by advancing user intent, improving engagement (time, lifespan, throughput, etc.), collecting a deeper targetable data set or by productizing service offerings


Startups that need product leadership, team building and guidance within the tech ecosystem (VCs, press, tools, process, etc.)


Private equity firms that are planning a digital roll-up strategy, doing due diligence or need post-deal product reinvention and integration


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